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Brain & Spinal Cord Injury

When faced with a legal problem, consulting with an attorney sooner rather than later will often save you time, trouble, and money in the end.

Brain injuries are caused when some damage is caused to brain. Some common causes of brain injuries include assaults, automobile accidents, gunshot wounds, medical malpractice, and sports-related accidents. If you or a loved one sustained any type of brain injury, please consult a professional traumatic brain injury lawyer at Motorcycle Accident Attorney Orange County today.

Getting in Touch With a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one sustained any type of brain injury, you may be entitled compensation. Brain injuries may be very expensive, hard to deal with, and quite an emotional experience altogether. You and your family members should be focusing on the recovery process for your loved one. Get in touch with a qualified traumatic brain injury lawyer to provide legal representation.

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Regarding a spinal injury, your body is like a delicate machine.  Damage to a special part of your body could damage other aspects of your health as well. One such essential body part is your spinal cord.  Injuries to the spinal cord could severely impact you or your loved one’s life and may require a lifetime of medical care. This is why you need to enlist in the help of a spinal cord injury attorney from Motorcycle Accident Attorney Orange County.

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Typical Personal Injury claims include:
  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Brain & Spinal Cord Injury
  • Wrongful Death

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Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Orange County

Victims of brain injuries always take a long time before they are fully recovered. The time between when these injuries happen and when they are fully recovered can be a very traumatizing moment for them. Where these injuries happen as a result of the act or omission of another person, you, as the victim, can file a claim for damages suffered. This is where the services of a traumatic brain injury attorney Orange County become important.

Claims that could be filed in a traumatic brain injury include claims against a doctor, a negligent driver, a truck company, or a co-worker. The idea of these claims is for you to get the necessary compensation to cover for the cost of treatment and every other loss suffered. Understanding how tricky traumatic brain injury settlements can be, we make sure to give you the best representation you can get from any attorney around.

When you or any of your loved ones suffer a brain injury that results in trauma, compensation recovered should extensively cover economic damages, physical damages, as well as other intangible losses. However, this might be impossible without the help of a professional who understands traumatic brain injury legal issues.

Traumatic Brain Injury Legal Issues

There are several issues to be considered when you or any of your loved ones suffer a traumatic brain injury. These legal issues are very important as they determine the quantum of compensation and the nature of the settlement. These issues are to be established by your attorney and they include:

Breach of Duty of Care

The first issue to be considered in a brain injury claim is the duty of care. First, there must be a duty of care which is a recognized legal obligation on an individual to exercise care to ensure others are not put in harm’s way. A truck company, for example, should make sure their trucks are fit for use before putting them on the road. Where the trucks are examined and seen not to be fit for use, the company becomes liable for breaching a duty of care. The same applies to a medical doctor as they have to perform with the most care. Anything short of this degree of care could make the doctor liable for any injury caused to his/her patient.
When the duty of care has been established, a traumatic brain injury lawyer is also expected to show that there was a breach. To establish that there was a duty of care is not enough in a brain injury claim, a breach of that duty must also be established.

Cause of Brain Injury

Causation, as a brain injury issue, shows that the direct action of the accused is what resulted in the brain injury of the victim. It must be established by the attorney that the direct action of the defendant is what was responsible for the brain injury. Here, this act could be a breach of a duty of care, negligence, or omission to do what was expected of the defendant. There must be an unbroken chain of events all leading and pointing to the fact that the defendant is responsible for the damage.

Nature of Damage Suffered

The third issue is the nature of the damage suffered by the victim. Yes, there might have been a duty of care expected from the defendant. There might have also been a breach of duty which has resulted in brain injury. However, for a claim to be comprehensively drafted, the nature of the damage has to be ascertained. This is where brain stem injuries prognosis becomes relevant.

There are several ways to measure the nature of damages suffered, but the best is to seek the services of medical experts. Ascertaining the nature of the damage suffered is very important in reaching traumatic brain injury settlements in California.

Why Medical Experts Are Important in Brain Injury Cases
The best traumatic brain injury attorney Orange County is one who can work with a medical expert. Medical Experts play a major role as their analysis of the injury delivered by them in a court of law could serve as the testimony of an expert witness. However, beyond these, there are several other reasons why medical experts are important in brain injury cases and some of them are:

To Help Demonstrate Causation

Causation, with regards to traumatic brain injury cases, is not just important to the case, but it is also very difficult to prove. However, with the help of medical experts, causation can be established, and this can result in a successful negligence suit. To do this, medical experts examine all the medical records of the victims as well as analyze the injury. Upon completion, the expert can tell whether or not it was the action or omission of the defendant that resulted in the injury.
For cognitive brain damage, the experts help in compiling pieces of evidence that prove the cause of the damage.

To Reach the Best Traumatic Brain Injury Settlements

Many times, victims of brain injuries can only measure the present loss suffered. To ascertain future losses or incapacities suffered as a result of the damage, the services of medical experts can be very helpful. A medical expert not only helps to analyze the current damage but will tell you what you can and will not be able to do due to the injury suffered. This analysis has a great effect on settlements reached as they not only reflect the present but will also reflect the future.
Traumatic brain injury settlements in California are best reached with the services of a medical expert.

To Help Jurors Draw Their Conclusions

Jurors, many times, have little or no medical knowledge. This makes it very difficult for them to reach conclusions that show a relationship between the act of the defendant and the damage suffered by the victim. However, with the testimony of medical experts, the murky waters of the juror can be properly navigated to the truth of the case through in-depth analysis. The ability of a traumatic brain injury lawyer to make use of medical experts almost always guarantees a successful suit.
Accident Types That Could Result to Traumatic Brain Injury
While it is difficult to fully ascertain what accident can and cannot lead to brain injuries, here are common accidents that could result in it:
Vehicle and Motorcycle Accidents
The most common type of accidents that results in traumatic brain injury are vehicle and motorcycle accidents. Victims of these accident types could suffer cognitive brain damage which may render them incapacitated for a very long time. When this happens, the driver of such vehicle and motorcycle or their insurance companies (if they have one) becomes liable.

Medical Negligence

Medical doctors, as we have explained above, owe a duty of care and skill to their patients while treating them. Where a doctor fails to exercise such a degree of skill and care when treating patients, it could result in brain damages. When this happens, the doctor or the hospital becomes liable for damages suffered by the victim.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents are very common especially for individuals who work with construction companies or along other delicate working lines. Accidents in the workplace that could lead to brain damage could include falling from a higher plane or slipping off and falling, both of which could result in brain injuries. Where this happens, you can bring a claim seeking compensation under the workers’ compensation benefits put in place by many companies.
What Compensation Are You Entitled to From a Brain Injury Accident?
As a victim of traumatic brain injury, you need to know the compensation you are entitled to. Settlements reached should comprehensively cover every area you have suffered a loss and these areas include:

Treatment Cost

You are entitled to compensation for every medical cost incurred from the treatment of the brain damage. This cost includes payment for the services of a doctor, hospital bills, and drugs for treatment.
Pain and Suffering from the Injury
Considering that victims of brain injuries always have to go through a long walk to healing – one characterized by pain and suffering, they are compensated for this. The pain suffered could be physical, emotional, or psychological.

Wages Lost While Recuperating

To attend to treatment and recuperate fully, you may have to take some time off work which you are to be compensated for. In measuring the compensation for time spent away from work, the circumstances of each case and the nature of your work are being considered. Where you suffer significant damage, which makes you unable to work again, you can claim compensation for future losses as well.

Death Resulting from Injury

Where a victim suffered cognitive brain damage that results in death, the family can claim compensation for the death of the victim. This compensation can include the cost of a funeral, wages lost, and other costs especially where the victim is one with dependents.
When you or any of your loved one suffers a brain injury, the best time to seek the services of an attorney is immediate. This is because there is a statute of limitations that provides for a specific time when a claim can be filled. So, do not hesitate to visit a brain injury law center or contact the best traumatic brain injury attorney Orange County, Marc Lazarus.