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Typical Personal Injury claims include:

If you have been injured as a result of the wrongdoing of another, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. Contact The Law Offices of Motorcycle Accident Attorney Orange County today to set up a free consultation!

Motorcycle Accidents, just like car accidents, have increased in recent years. You can hardly tell when you might be a victim which is why you need to retain the services of a motorcycle accident attorney in Orange County, CA. With one, you can get the full value of compensation you are entitled to from the claim. With the services of an attorney, you can also focus on getting the necessary treatment while following through on the claim as well.

There are several motorcycle accident attorney California, and to find the best near you, there are certain things to know about and look out for with regards to the claim and attorney.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Coverage

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Coverage is a policy that allows an insurance company to pay out on no-fault insurance. PIP coverage may not be mandatory, but it is very necessary. Motorcycle accidents are many times very serious and come with a lot of benefits which include payment of medical expenses, payment of wage loss, payment of essential services, and funeral expenses (where death occurs). The injured riders or victims in a motorcycle accident have a lot to benefit from a PIP coverage on the defendant’s motorcycle.
Through this insurance coverage, you can get some financial help through the process of treatment and recuperation.

What Does A Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

In California, there are a limited number of motorcycles. However, motorcycle accidents always result in injuries and death sometimes. The value of a motorcycle accident case is measured by certain core elements which include the cost of medical treatment, economic and non-economic loss. While other factors contribute to determining the value of a motorcycle accident, these factors are the major ones.

The comparative fault of the motorcyclist is the major difference between a car accident and a motorcycle accident. The fault of the motorcyclist can drastically increase the value of the case when you seek the services of the best motorcycle accident attorney.

What Compensation Are You Entitled to In A Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Victims of motorcycle accidents are entitled to compensation for damages caused by the motorcyclist. Where death is caused by the accident, the families of the deceased can seek compensation for the cost of the funeral and other costs that may arise due to the absence of the victim. This is very important when there are dependents among the survivors. Where the accident does not result in death, compensation can be sought for the following:

Cost of Treatment and Other Medical Expenses

One of the most important compensation sought by victims of a motorcycle accident is the cost of treatment. Immediately there is an accident, medical treatment is required to ensure the victim does not suffer any further or serious damage. This includes diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The settlement requested by the victim is to include the cost for medical services, drugs, and other items purchased during this treatment period.

Non-economic Loss – Pain, Suffering, and Trauma

The victim could also claim compensation for pain and suffering resulting from the accident. This loss is sometimes referred to as non-economic loss. This could take the form of physical, mental, emotional, or psychological pain. In measuring this, your attorney takes into consideration the circumstances of the case.

Cost for Time Spent Away from Work

Getting treatment for injuries suffered during a motorcycle accident might require that you take some time away from work. At this time, you may have to lose some money. Money lost during this period is included in the compensation settlement to be prepared on your behalf by your attorney. Your type of work, payment structure, and time away from work are some of the factors that determine how much you will be entitled to.

Cost of Loss Suffered as A Result of Personal Incapacities

Where, as a result of the motorcycle accident, you suffer serious injuries that may have you incapacitated for a lifetime and unable to work, you are entitled to compensation for such loss. This loss is calculated based on the type of work you do, how much you earn, and the average life expectancy of individuals in the state of your domicile.

Cost Incurred for Legal Process Involved

While this is not common in many states, there are others where victims seek compensation for the cost of the legal process. This cost is many times included to serve as a deterrent for the defendant and others from recklessness while driving motorcycles. This cost is also included when out-of-court means of settling fails and both parties have to go to court for a settlement.

How to Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney near You

Finding the best motorcycle accident attorney in Orange County, CA is a challenge for many people. Many individuals search for the ‘best motorcycle accident attorney near me’ on search engines when looking to hire one. While this is good, it is not always the best way to go. The closest lawyer to your location may not be the best for you.
Several attorneys claim to be the best for you but are not conversant with motorcycle accident claims and settlements. A motorcycle accident lawyer California does not necessarily have superior knowledge than a car accident lawyer in Orange County, CA. The difference, however, is that a motorcycle accident attorney has a better experience in ensuring that you get the compensation that you deserve. So, how do you find the best motorcycle injury lawyer in Orange County, CA? Here are 5 tips that can be helpful to you.

Check the Motorcycle Accident Attorney’s Portfolio

To be sure that a lawyer is the best for you, you need to pay attention to the attorney’s portfolio. The portfolio of an attorney provides comprehensively all the details you need to know about the lawyer. There, you will find the qualifications and specialization of the attorney. You will also find the reviews and ratings of clients the attorney has worked with.
This is very important because when it has to do with motorcycle accidents, you don’t just need a lawyer, you need the best out there. Your lawyer will ensure that you are fully represented in and out of court to get the appropriate compensation for damages suffered.

How Much Experience Does the Attorney Have Handling Motorcycle Accident Cases?

Closely related to the qualifications of a motorcycle lawyer is the experience he/she has working on motorcycle accident cases. When choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer California, you should go for one that specializes in motorcycle cases. From years of working on this case type, your attorney will know what method to use per time. Your attorney will also know the right processes and documents needed to see the case through.

What Organization Does the Attorney Belong?

When choosing a motorcycle accident, you may want to check the organization that the attorney belongs too. A good California motorcycle accident attorney is expected to be in several organizations – locally and internationally. By being a member of these organizations, a lawyer can remain updated about the changes that occur with regard to motorcycle accident cases. These organizations comprise different people with different opinions which help to make you have a more rounded opinion about a particular subject.

What Is the Cost of The Attorney’s Legal Services?

With regard to motorcycle accident cases, attorneys many times charge a percentage of the total settlement. When choosing one, you have to agree on the percentage to be charged. You also have to make sure that the lawyer or firm the lawyer works with has the financial strength to see the case through up until completion. While many clients have been made to believe that the best lawyers charge outrageous fees, that’s a wrong stereotype.
There are a few California motorcycle accident attorneys that offer quality representation at very affordable prices.

How Good Is the Relationship of The Attorney with Clients?

In a motorcycle accident, insurance companies always try to do all they can to avoid compensation claims. This is why you need to retain the services of an attorney who you can call immediately there is an accident. You also have to ensure that the attorney maintains a good relationship with clients. This relationship will ensure you can relate with your attorney all through the process while getting the medical attention needed to help you get back on your feet.

Why Marc Lazarus is the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Orange County CA

Marc Lazarus is a renowned motorcycle accident attorney in California with a track record of success. He has worked with several clients over the years in making sure that the get the compensation they deserve from motorcycle accident claims. With a rich portfolio, Marc has enjoyed a lot of positive ratings and reviews from clients all across.
His penchant for out-of-court settlement has earned him a reputation for himself. However, where it becomes difficult to settle out of court, Marc also provided the best court Representation to his clients. With a good lawyer-client relationship, you are guaranteed of quality representation at very affordable prices. Contact 1-888-823-7751 today, the best motorcycle injury lawyer in Orange County, CA – Marc Lazarus.