what is no contact motorcycle accident

What is a “No Contact” Motorcycle Accident?

When people hear someone saying “I had a motorcycle accident”, they usually presume that the motorcyclist had a collision with another motorcycle or a motor vehicle. However, single-vehicle motorcycle accidents are not uncommon in Orange County, CA.

Many motorcycle riders lose control of their bikes and crash due to reckless driving of other motorists around – and normally, the other motorist walks away without a scratch and with no damage to their vehicle.
Although a motorcyclist crashes their bike without crashing into another vehicle, it does not signify the other driver is not liable for the “no contact” collision. Not every car accident is two motor vehicles crashing. Some of them are single-vehicle accidents that are a result of crossing animal roadway defects, and other risks. Such accidents are also known as no contact motorcycle accidents.

How Do No-Contact Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

A no-contact motorcycle accident is a situation in which someone else causes a motorcyclist to crash, but no actual collision between the two parties took place. There can be a scenario in which a car driver runs a red light, and a motorcycle rider veers off to avoid hitting the vehicle.

In this situation, the driver could be held accountable for the damage caused to the motorcyclist and their bike – even if the person riding a bike crashed it to the ground before even striking the vehicle. In this example, the driver who ran the red light would be responsible for the wreck caused due to negligent driving, regardless of never hitting the vehicle.

Another example of this type of collision is a hazardous lane change. A motorist can be at fault for a motorcycle accident. He or she may have a hard time seeing a bike that’s in his or her blind spot and may merge swiftly without giving a warning sign or turn signal. As a result, it compels the motorcyclist to switch to another lane, potentially leading to an unwanted collision.
It is up to motor vehicle drivers to use their judgment and prudence while driving their vehicles all the time. Otherwise, they could engage in reckless or perilous practices that can make a no-contact car accident happen.

What are the Common Causes of No Contact Motorcycle Accidents?

No contact motorcycle accidents can take place for various reasons. Unpredicted circumstances and drivers’ reckless behavior can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle and sustain a serious injury, albeit you may practice defensive riding.

Listed below are some of the most common causes of no contact motorcycle accidents.

  • Speeding or weaving between lanes
  • Merging on top of a bike
  • Brake-checking a motorcyclist
  • Making a hazardous pass
  • Cutting off a motorcycle
  • Riding too close to a motorcycle
  • Making a risky lane change

Any reckless or slipshod road maneuver could lay a motorcyclist’s life on the line. If the motorcyclist spots a risk, he or she may swerve to avoid it, lay the motorcyclist down, or drive off the road. In these cases, the driver who caused the crash could be liable for the motorcyclist collision without even touching the motorcycle. Since the driver displayed a reckless behavior and it forced the motorcycle to take protective action, the driver is probably responsible for a no-contact collision.

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