after motorcycle accident with pedestrian

What to Do Right After Motorcycle Accident with A Pedestrian

Accidents involving a motorcycle and pedestrian are quite devastating and can cause serious injuries or sometimes death. The kinds of accidents involving motorcycles and cars are quite different.

Motorcycles lack most of the safety features for protecting occupants like vehicles, increasing the risk of getting injured or killed when a motorcycle pedestrian accident occurs.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Motorcyclist and pedestrian deaths accounted for more than a third of the year-to-year increase.

The 2016 national data shows that:

  • Distraction-related deaths (3,450 fatalities) decreased by 2.2 percent;
  • Drowsy-driving deaths (803 fatalities) decreased by 3.5 percent;
  • Drunk-driving deaths (10,497 fatalities) increased by 1.7 per­cent;
  • Speeding-related deaths (10,111 fatalities) increased by 4.0 percent;
  • Unbelted deaths (10,428 fatalities) increased by 4.6 percent;
  • Motorcyclist deaths (5,286 fatalities – the largest number of motorcyclist fatalities since 2008) increased by 5.1 percent;
  • Pedestrian deaths (5,987 fatalities – the highest number since 1990) increased by 9.0 percent; and
  • Bicyclist deaths (840 fatalities – the highest number since 1991) increased by 1.3 percent.

Although non-fatal motorcycle accidents are more common than fatal accidents, motorcyclists and pedestrians need to know what to do when an accident occurs.

A pedestrian involved in a motorcycle accident in Orange County can get a free case evaluation from a motorcycle accident attorney to determine who is at fault between the motorcyclist and pedestrian.

After the accident, it is always challenging to determine who was on the wrong side; it requires a thorough investigation, which calls for collecting evidence and recording accident victims’ and witnesses’ statements. Let us look at the essential things to do after a motorcycle accident:

Get off the road: 

Immediately after an accident, the motorcyclist, pedestrian hit by a motorcycle, and their bike should get off the road to avoid being crashed further by oncoming vehicles. The priority is to prevent further loses and injuries that may result from other oncoming traffic.

Check for injuries: 

Motorcyclist and the pedestrian must ascertain if they have sustained injuries and to what extent. Once the motorcyclist and pedestrian are safe off the road on the sidewalk, and either of them has identified some sore after the motorcycle accident, they can call 911 to get medical attention immediately.

Exchange contacts: 

The accident victims (both the motorcyclist and pedestrian) should exchange contact details. Notably, the motorcycle operator should

Provide his/her particulars, including official name, driver’s license number, and insurer name and policy details.

Gather evidence: 

Without taking sides of who was at fault, the motorcyclist should photograph damages on the bike while at the accident scene. The motorcycle rider should provide the evidence to his/her insurer when claiming compensation. Also, photos of sustained injuries, medical reports, or bills are useful in an insurance claim.

Involve police for a better evaluation:

Police usually get at the scene to provide assistance and record statements about what happens in a motorcycle accident from accident victims and witnesses. After that, the pedestrian or driver should take contact details of the police for facilitating following up. The police report is necessary for filing an insurance claim and if there is a lawsuit.

Laws regarding the accident victim’s rights for claiming damages are different from one state to another. For example, the consequences for hitting a pedestrian in California can be harsh to the driver if the pedestrian sustains injuries exceeding the value of his coverage.

Both parties involved in an accident need to collect as much evidence and information at the scene as they can, to provide to their lawyers.

A lawsuit against the motorcyclist depends on the extent of the pedestrian’s injuries and what the insurance company decides to compensate. However, the pedestrian can contact the rider’s lawyer to discuss the settlement will save both the pedestrian’s money and time.

Talk to an Attorney about Your Motorcycle-Pedestrian Accident In Orange County, CA

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