california force motorcycle helmet law

Why California Enforce Motorcycle Helmet Law

For some, riding on a bike is an absolute fun or even more an obsession- they would ride across the world if it were possible. For some others, motorcycle riding is simply necessary transportation for work. They only look its way when it becomes the faster means to maneuver through traffic or it’s the only vehicle available at the time, you get the idea. If they have a choice, they wouldn’t touch a bike with a 10 feet pole. You have likely met one of such people in your life, right?

Regardless, one thing we probably all have to agree on is motorcycles transit is the least safe means of transportation there is. Before you argue, look at these data. Recent research from the Governor’s High Safety Commission (GHSA) stated that motorcycle accidents result in 28 times more fatality cases than other passage vehicles.

The painful thing about lots of these deaths is that a huge number of them are preventable. There’s enough information that proves that simply wearing a motorcycle helmet, for one, significantly reduces the mortality directly resulting from motorcycle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), helmets save over 1,600 lives annually.

What’s more, they estimated that if every motorcycle wore helmets 700 more lives would be saved every year. A government that has concern for her people can’t see these figures and look the other way. It is a reason why states like the states of California are enforcing the Motorcycle Helmet Law

Understanding the Motorcycle Helmet law.

In line with the California Vehicle Code Section 27803, everyone riding on a motorcycle is mandated to wear a helmet- both the rider and the passage. Meaning if you flout this law, it is punishable by a fine. California is one of 19 US states to have enforced the motorcycle helmet law.

Some states adopted a partial helmet law- one that enforces the wearing of helmets majorly for minors and inexperienced drivers. The golden state, however, has a universal helmet law. In other words, the law is binding on everyone and anyone who rides a motor-driven two-wheeler; including motorized bicycles.

While the helmet will not protect every part of your body, it does protect a very delicate organ, the brain! Why is it cyclers would rather not where helmet despite its obvious benefits? A team of researchers in a paper cited on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website found that the leading reason is the helmets are heavy.

Some also complained of neck pain, feeling of heat and suffocation, limitation of head movements, in summary, helmets caused a measure of physical discomfort. Those reasons are understandable.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before the technology can give us better solutions. In the meantime, please understand that a little bit of uneasiness is a small price to pay for the possible protection of your life. Don’t call a bluff on the real possibility of a fatal bike accident, please get you a standard DOT (Department of Transportation) certified helmet and wear it religiously.

Final Words

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